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As a pharmacy owner, you know that your store must be more than just a place to pick up prescriptions. That’s where our pharmacy shopfitting company comes in. At Revolution Retail, we specialise in providing customised interior fit-out solutions for pharmacies of all sizes and styles.
Our experienced team of designers and builders understands the unique challenges and requirements that come with pharmacy shopfitting. We work closely with you to develop a design that maximises the return on your investment and meets both your practical requirements and your branding goals, ensuring that your store is both functional and visually appealing.

One of the most important aspects of pharmacy shopfitting is shelving and storage solutions. With a wide variety of products and medications on offer, it’s crucial to have efficient and flexible storage solutions that can be adapted to your changing inventory. Our team offers a range of shelving and storage options, from custom cabinetry to modular metal shelving, all designed to maximise accessibility, appeal, and organisation for your staff and customers.
Lighting is another critical element of pharmacy shopfitting. Proper lighting can create a calming and inviting atmosphere for your customers, while also helping to highlight specific products and sections. Our team will work with you to determine the best lighting solutions for your space, taking into account factors like natural light, electrical capabilities, and your desired ambience.

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